How to find the digital agency that corresponds to your project?

There are different criteria to consider when choosing a web agency. But even before choosing one, you must define the scope of your project, your expectations and your needs. Once this is done, you must make an objective choice of the web agency that will take care of your project.

Take into consideration the client references and the web agency’s e-reputation

Nowadays, being present on the web has become an obligation for a company of any size. It is through a website that it is possible to make the difference with competitors. To do this, you must choose the right web agency that will take care of your digital strategy in addition to your current audiovisual strategy. Therefore, the references of the web agency can guide your choice. References are clients with whom the agency has already collaborated for different web projects. Thanks to this, you can have an idea of the level of expertise of the digital agency. Since it is for a web project that you call upon a digital agency, you also need to see its e-reputation. For your future online reputation, you need to work with an agency that has a good image with clients. This is linked to the references mentioned above. Agence Digitale Cannes

Check the skills of the digital agency

A digital agency can do many things. For a generalist agency, it starts with the creation of a website, the design of the UX design for a better handling by the users, through the referencing of the site. A digital agency can also take care of your webmarketing strategy and many other tasks related to the digital world. If your web project does not concern the creation of a website but a particular aspect, check if the agency masters the domain perfectly. If we only talk about SEO for example, you should know if the agency knows the different techniques of natural referencing or SEO and what it proposes as paid referencing techniques or SEA. Indeed, just for this field alone, an agency can go headlong into the classical techniques that do not always lead to the results you want. This is also why you should check the web agency’s customer references. Check if they have already worked for companies in your sector to find out if they master it or not.

What type of support does the agency offer?

Beyond what you ask the agency to do, it is important to know if they offer post-production support. Indeed, there are still several points to see in a web project for its smooth running. For example, does the agency take care of the outsourcing of the site or not, can it do the maintenance of the site and update it according to the technological evolutions, can it provide training to your marketing and sales team? These are all questions that require answers because they are all part of the digital ecosystem. It should not be forgotten that a digital project is a long-term project. Thus, we must look beyond the simple creation of the site, its design or its search engine optimization.

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