Whatever the nature of your website (showcase site, e-commerce), it needs a marketing strategy. Webmarketing aims to adapt to its objectives and their evolution. Spinat helps you to implement an efficient webmarketing, notably thanks to the best current tools.
A webmarketing strategy for each site
Webmarketing is a term used to designate digital marketing and its many strategies. It comprises four main areas or work objectives. These are strategic marketing, traffic creation, performance analysis and loyalty building.

Strategic webmarketing includes web demand analysis and business intelligence. But it also includes the positioning of the website. The creation of traffic goes through online advertising, SEO, e-mailing and many other levers. Performance analysis is used to measure traffic, sales, visibility and many other business performance indicators. Loyalty building is mainly done through community building, content animation and renewal, and e-mailing.
Our advice and Webmarketing guide
As you will have understood, webmarketing is a universe of its own. Spinat helps you develop web marketing strategies thanks to relevant content published in its blog. You will find useful information, links, tools… Everything you need to get acquainted with the world of webmarketing and its possibilities. And this, always with the goal of helping you achieve your own goals.

We are aware that webmarketing is constantly evolving. Techniques are developing, new tools are emerging… We adapt the contents of our blog to meet these advances. In this way, we keep you informed of all the changes and evolutions that take place in the field of web marketing.

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