As the most widely used CMS in the world, WordPress is a reference in terms of website creation. Accessible and versatile, this back-office offers you multiple possibilities if you know how to use it correctly. Spinat provides you with professional guides, tips and tutorials to improve your Wordpress site.
Wordpress: Master the most popular CMS on the market!
WordPress is an Open Source solution that millions of people around the world use. This CMS is used by the largest groups on the planet, but also by amateur and passionate bloggers. And it's this versatility that has made it a success whether it's an online store (e-commerce) or a showcase site. You have to choose the right plugins according to your objectives and your publications. WordPress has a particularly rich catalog of extensions.

It should also be noted that WordPress offers the best quality/price ratio, in addition to being the easiest CMS to use.
Spinat's guides and advices on Wordpress and its plugins.
We are a web agency expert in Wordpress in Cannes. We know all its uses and master its installation, optimization and use. During the creation of your website, we choose the most relevant plugins for your activity and the nature of the website.

We deliver you all the keys to easily take in hand your Wordpress site. Here are the articles on the Wordpress theme where we deliver you our precious advices to succeed with this CMS.

5 Common WordPress Errors to Avoid 3

5 Common WordPress Errors to Avoid

WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world today. It offers incalculable customization possibilities in addition to an astronomical amount of features for…