Website Optimization

When designing a website, the word "optimization" comes up regularly. But if it is often a question of SEO optimization of the contents, we should not neglect the technical aspect of the site. Spinat can take care of the technical optimization of your website, which is just as important as the optimization of your content. Here's how.
The essentials of the technical optimization of a web site
The technical optimization of a site means the improvement of its technical performance. They are the engine of your website. They also define the efficiency with which Internet users will be able to visit and interact with its pages and content. Naturally, technical performance is a central element in the optimization of your site.

This technical optimization is complementary to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Indeed, it conditions the different performance factors taken into consideration by Google and other search engines. Clearly, the technical performance allows your site to be referenced in Google, in complementarity with natural referencing.
Spinat, the partner of your website's performance
Important plugins, optimization techniques, key elements of your site's performance… Our blog is dedicated to the news of technical website optimization, but also to the communication of relevant resources for your project.

In our articles, you will find interesting and relevant information related to technical optimization. But also use and apply these valuable resources on your own website. In this way, you will be able to improve the performance of your website. And to keep you informed about all the latest news in this special field. Spinat is the partner agency for the technical performance of your website. And of its success.