More than a simple computer maintenance, Spinat invites you to integrate your website on a quality hosting, for an optimal management of its structure and functions. Website hosting, web application, site administration and IT management… On this blog, you will find all the useful information for the outsourcing of your servers.
A quality outsourcing for an improved experience
To set up a website to concretize a project is today an asset and an advantage for your direct marketing. And it has become essential and indispensable to develop your visibility and your image with the greatest number of people. Spinat is your unique interlocutor for the management of your website and your IT. Thanks to our expertise and advice, you will have all the cards in hand for an optimal management of your 2.0 shop window. This optimal management and the performance of your site also passes by its hosting. Hence the interest to take advantage of a quality outsourcing, adapted to the needs of your website. You don't know where to start? We answer all your questions through the articles of this blog.
Resources and articles about outsourcing of your web servers.
We present you the different hosting solutions available today for a site. Shared, dedicated, virtual hosting… Discover which solution is right for you thanks to topics covered in depth by our team of specialists.

At the same time, we give you advice and all the information to help you configure and maintain your web servers.

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