Prestashop : Send emails from SendGrid SMTP

Why not use SendGrid to route all emails from your Prestashop site?

Email deliverability is a very important thing for any website. For an e-commerce website, it is important that customers can receive their order confirmation or account creation emails.

Prestashop uses by default the mail() function of PHP for email routing. It works, but there is no guarantee that it will arrive in the recipient’s mailbox, especially if you are on a shared hosting.

There is no ready-made module for this, and I searched for a few minutes to reach my goal. So here is a guide to get SendGrid working with Prestashop.

1 – Generate an API key on SendGrid for Prestashop

SendGrid API Prestashop Log in to your SendGrid account and go to Settings > API Key

Then click on “Create API Key” in the top right corner of your screen, define an API name, and give all the rights (Full Access) Prestashop : Send emails from SendGrid SMTP 1 Copy and paste the key that appears on the screen somewhere, it will serve us right after.

2 – Configuring SendGrid on Prestashop

  • Go to your Prestashop backoffice and go to“Advanced Settings > Emails”
  • Select“Use my own SMTP settings (for experts only)
  • Fill in the following information :
    • Leave blank
    • IP or server name:
    • SMTP user: apikey (it’s the same user for everyone)
    • SMTP Password: {your previous API key created}
    • Encryption: SSL
    • Port: 465

Prestashop & SendGrid

3 – Make a test of sending email

Enter your email in the test field at the bottom of the screen. You should get a confirmation message if everything went well. Prestashop : Send emails from SendGrid SMTP 2

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